Graduate ‘told to dance’ during Currys job interview

A university graduate says he was left “humiliated” after being asked to dance to a Daft Punk song during a job interview at Currys.

Alan Bacon – who was applying for the role of sales assistant at the Cardiff store - told the BBC that he and nine other job applicants were taken into a room before being asked to dance.

Describing it as “like a scene out of The Office”, Mr Bacon, 21, said: "I think everyone initially thought it was a joke. But they were serious. All professionalism went out of the window.

Currys has since apologised for the incident Credit: PA Wire

"I'd spent the past week researching the company and looking forward to being able to express myself and talk about what I love doing.

"I just felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable. I ended up dancing to Around the World by Daft Punk, doing rubbish robotics in my suit in front of a group of strangers."

Currys has since apologised for the incident, admitting that dancing is not part of its official recruitment processes.