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Banned drivers still on the road

Drivers with as many as 42 points on their licence are still taking to the road due to failures with data sharing, according to new figures. Normally drivers are banned if they accumulate 12 points over three years.

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Worst offenders of driving while banned

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, some of the worst offenders for driving while banned were:

  • A man from Cheshire was caught driving without insurance six times in less than two weeks between February and March last year. He already had 36 points on his license.
  • A Southend man who who was caught speeding 10 times over a six month period in 2012, already had 30 points.
  • One male driver from Blackburn with 29 points was caught speeding eight times between September and November 2011.
  • And finally, an East Sussex man who had already clocked up 24 points on his license, caught speeding six times in two weeks between September 30 and October 13 last year.

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