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Pics 'don't stop teen smokers'

Smokers in their teens are not put off cigarettes by graphic photos on the back of packs, according to researchers at the University of Stirling. The text-only warning were found to have even less of an effect.

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Teenagers still choosing to light up despite pictures

Teenagers are still choosing to light up despite the introduction of graphic pictures of the health risks of smoking on packs. Credit: PA

Pictures on packs of cigarettes are not deterring teen smokers from lighting up, research has shown.

According to online journal Tobacco Control, pictures have more effect on the smoker than written warnings, but because they are placed on the back of the pack, they have little overall effect.

The number of teens who occasionally light up saying warnings put them off smoking increased between 2008 and 2011, but not among regular smokers.

In this group, the proportion who said that the warnings stopped them from having a cigarette fell from 32% to 23%.

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