Call made by train driver of fatal Spanish crash emerges

Audio has emerged of a phone call made by the driver of a Spanish train that derailed at high speed killing 79 people.

In the call made shortly after the collision - Francisco Jose Garzon is heard telling a colleague he had been travelling at 190km/h when the speed limit was 80km/h and was distracted when the collision happened.

Francisco Jose Garzon was taken into custody after being treated in hospital following Wednesday's horror crash Credit: Reuters/Oscar Corral

In the recording - obtained by Spanish newspaper El Pais - Garzon says: "There must be many injured, it (train) has turned over, I can't get out of the cabin."

He later adds: "It's because I got distracted and I had to be going at 80 but I was going at 190, something like that. I had already mentioned this to the safety people, that this (curve) was dangerous, that we would get distracted one day and that would be it."

Garzon is charged with 79 counts of homicide and numerous offences of bodily harm committed through professional recklessness.

Talking about the crash in Galicia on July 24, Garzon told a judge yesterday that he only picked up the phone, as it was the conductor and he thought it may have been an emergency. He also denied he had been looking at paperwork ahead of the crash, El Pais reports.