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Assad warns of 'retaliation'

In an interview President Assad has suggested there would be retaliation by those aligned with him for any attack on Syria. US Secretary of State John Kerry will arrive in the UK later today ahead of talks with Foreign Secretary William Hague.

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Kerry: No decision on UN vote on Syria

John Kerry is in Europe to court international support for a possible strike on Syria Credit: APTN

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday the United States did not rule out the possibility of returning to the United Nations Security Council to secure a resolution on Syria once U.N. inspectors complete their report.

Speaking at a news conference in Paris, Kerry said President Barack Obama had yet to make a decision on the issue.

"The end of this civil war is going to require a political solution.

"There is no military solution. What the US is seeking - not alone, but together with others - is to enforce the standard with respect to the use of chemical weapons," he said.

"We are not seeking to become engaged in, or party to, Syria's civil war", he said.

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