Miliband: Changing union links is 'a massive challenge'

Ed Miliband will stick by his controversial reforms of the party's links with unions, saying they will create a stronger Labour party, with a better chance of winning the next election.

In his speech to the TUC, Mr Miliband will acknowledge that some people are worried about change.

Ed Miliband addressing the TUC in 2011. Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

"It means we could become a Labour Party not of 200,000 people, but 500,000, or many more. A party rooted in every kind of workplace in the country, a party rooted in every community in the country, a genuine living, breathing movement.

"It will be a massive challenge for the Labour Party to reach out to your members in a way that we have not done for many years and persuade them to be part of what we do, and, like anything, that is hard, it is a risk. But the bigger risk is just saying let's do it as we have always done it."