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Miliband: Unions backbone of UK

Labour leader Ed Miliband said union members are the "backbone of Britain" in his keynote speech to the TUC conference. He added that Labour's relationship with unions "must change" and admitted that would be a "massive challenge."

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Re-cap: Miliband delivers speech to TUC conference

Ed Miliband has delivered a key note speech to the TUC conference in Bournemouth where he called for a "new relationship" between Labour and the unions.

He also made the following points:

  • He said zero hour contracts had been misused adding that flexibility was a good thing, not exploitation
  • Miliband said a Labour government would get young people working
  • He said it would be a "massive challenge" to change Labour's links to the unions but added that change "must happen"
  • Miliband claimed the Prime Minister "oozes contempt for trade unionists"
  • He called Trade Union members the "backbone of Britain"
  • The Labour leader praised people who are at work "before George Osborne's curtains are open"

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