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Jefferies gets police apology

Christopher Jefferies, who won libel damages after his arrest over the murder of Joanna Yeates, has received a full letter of exoneration from Avon and Somerset Police.

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Christopher Jeffries calls for anonymity for suspects

Christopher Jefferies said the "horrifying experience" of his arrest led him to believe that suspects should not be named unless they are charged with an offence.

He said that during the nine weeks he spent on bail it was impossible for him to return to his flat or live "anything approaching a normal life".

I think that would be certainly an important step and it would prevent a great deal, certainly, of the distress which happened to members of my family, quite apart from what happened to me, because I think one shouldn't underestimate the way in which their lives were changed during the days that I was in custody as a result of the media harassment and the media intrusion.

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