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Costa salvage effort complete

The Costa Concordia salvage operation has been completed, the head of Italy's civil protection authority announced. It took engineers 19 hours to raise the ship from its side.

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The Costa Concordia in numbers

  • The Costa Concordia capsized off the Italian island of Giglio on January 13 2012 after it struck rocks.
  • Thirty-two people were killed in the disaster and two bodies are still missing.
  • The reef sliced a 70-metre long gash into what is now the exposed side of the hull, letting seawater rush in.
  • The salvage team will attempt to rotate the ship by 65 degrees so it can eventually be towed.
  • The ship is the length of three football pitches and weighs 114,000 tonnes.
  • The project has cost £500 million to date.

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