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Cable: Coalition break 'possible'

Business Secretary Vince Cable has raised the prospect of the Coalition government breaking up before the election, during a fringe event at the Lib Dem conference. Earlier he attacked the Conservatives as "a nasty party which has reverted to type"

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Vince Cable blasts 'nasty' Conservative party

The Conservatives are a nasty party which has reverted to type, Vince Cable said in a sharp attack on his coalition colleagues.

The Business Secretary said it had been the right move to go into coalition with David Cameron's party but that did not mean he agreed with many of the Tory policies or philosophies.

Vince Cable blasts 'nasty' Conservatives.

Dr Cable told the conference: "Like you, I have spent most of my political life fighting the Tories... but despite that I believe it was both brave and absolutely right for the party and the leadership to work with the Tories in an economic emergency in the national interest.

"Theresa May once characterised the Tories a decade ago as the nasty party. After a few years trying to be nice and inclusive it has reverted to type.

"We have got dog whistle politics, orchestrated by an Australian Rottweiler, we have got hostility to organised labour, people on benefits and immigrant minorities."

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