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Brit child cannibal plotter jailed

A British man living in the US has been jailed for almost 27 years for plotting to kidnap, rape, kill and eat a child. Authorities found a dungeon, child-sized coffin, butchering kit and torture tools in Geoffrey Portway's Massachusetts home.

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Paedophiles planned to feed dead children to alligators

Briton Geoffrey Portway conspired online with fellow paedophile Michael Arnett to kidnap and abuse children known to them.

In one internet exchange about how to get rid of evidence, they agreed on feeding a child victim's remains to alligators.

A child-sized coffin was found in Geoffrey Portway's dungeon

Portway repeatedly solicited Arnett to kidnap a child for him, with the intent that Portway would ultimately rape, kill and eat the child in his home-made dungeon.

Arnett, from Kansas, was jailed for 30 years in May.

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