Clegg 'chipper' about Lib Dem prospects

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg refused to be downcast in the face of dismal poll ratings and described himself as "chipper" about the party's future.

Mr Clegg told ITV News he knew "intuitively in my gut" the Lib Dems "will do better than many of our critics pretend we will".

I think we are now so well-placed to say to the British people come May 2015, if you want a party which anchors the Government in the liberal centre ground, that is fair on society but does the right things to get the economy going, we are your only real option.

I am actually chipper and proud of the fact that we've done that because it's been a pretty bruising journey for Liberal Democrats to go from perpetual opposition into the tough choices of government and we have lost short-term popularity.

– Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg