Clegg 'prepared to play my part' in Lab/Lib coalition

Nick Clegg has not ruled out a coalition with Labour after the 2015 general election but refused to be drawn into a debate on Ed Miliband's leadership.

Speaking to the BBC, the Deputy Prime Minister explained:

If the British people say that the most legitimate outcome of the next general election would be a Labour/Liberal Democrat coalition, of course I would be prepared to play my part in that.

– Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg

However, he politely opted out of giving his thoughts on what Mr Miliband would be like as a Prime Minister:

I don't know, it hasn't happened yet. I don't think you should judge people until they've been able to prove themselves.

– Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg

Mr Clegg denied that he was assuming he had the right to stay Deputy Prime Minister "forever and a day", but rejected suggestions that his removal as leader might be a price the Lib Dems would have to pay to go into coalition with Labour.


Clegg's permanent coalition call

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has told his party's conference that he believes coalitions should be a permanent feature of British politics. But 67% of voters appear to prefer single-party government, according to the ITV News Index.