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Private 'drunk tanks' proposed

Special "drunk tanks" should be used to look after intoxicated people who are incapable of looking after themselves, instead of police and NHS, a chief constable has said. Drunk people would be charged for the service when they had sobered up.

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Drunk people 'clogging up' A&E

Too many drunk people up are "clogging up" A&E wards and would not be adequately looked after if they were kept in the cells, a police chief has said.

Chief Constable Adrian Lee wants privately-run drunk tanks to be used to look after the intoxicated and fixed penalties issued for the care provided.

We are not the experts on health. It is quite difficult to work out where the best place to put a drunk is. Is it a police station, or do they need to be at a hospital?

It is a big demand on police but also not the best way of looking after the specific complex duty of care where there is a health demand.

Accident and emergency departments are under huge pressure nationally, particularly on a Friday and Saturday nights.

Why should we have drunks clogging up the A&E, causing further problems potentially? Why not put them somewhere safe where you could have private medical staff on hand?

– Chief Constable Adrian Lee

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