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Apple users' iOS 7 frustration

Apple customers across the globe are able to download the company's latest operating system iOS 7 for iPhones and iPads today. But some users in Britain are experiencing frustration with the update.

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ITV News readers' questions on iOS 7 launch answered

  • When will iOS 7 be released in the UK?

Apple is not specifying a time apart from saying it will be today. Some technology websites suggest it will be 10am PST (6pm UK time) in line with previous launches.

  • Am I going to have to learn how to use my iPhone / iPad all over again?

Apple has promised that iOS 7 will be "instantly familiar to our users". Previews suggest there are some new navigation features, like a new Control Centre to give users quick access to regularly-used controls. But many functions, like the home screen and home button, will remain the same.

  • Does this include MacBook Pro laptops?

iOS 7 is an operating system for mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods.

MacBooks and iMacs will run off OSX, when it is released later this Autumn, or its earlier versions.

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