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Hutton jailed for 15 years

Amanda Hutton has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after being found guilty of the manslaughter of her four-year-old son, Hamzah Khan.

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Jury hears mother 'claimed benefits for starved boy'

Bradford Crown Court has been hearing the prosecutor's case against Amanda Hutton, the 43-year-old accused of starving her four-year-old child to death and leaving his corpse in a cot in her bedroom for almost two years.

Prosecutor Mr Greaney said Ms Hutton was an abuser of alcohol and cannabis, and was guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence on two grounds: failing to feed him adequately and failing to seek medical assistance for him.

Amanda Hutton, arriving at Bradford Crown Court today to hear the case against her. Credit: Press Association

The jury was told that Hutton ordered pizza within hours of her son's death and continued to claim child benefit for him.

The prosecutor said: "She made no call for assistance - for a doctor or an ambulance. What did she do? Within hours she was ordering a pizza.

"So, no call for assistance but a call, or even calls, for pizza. Moreover, she thereafter continued to claim child benefit in respect of her dead son."

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