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Salmond 'can win' referendum

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has warned against pre-judging the outcome of next year's referendum on independence warning that voters had not made up their minds yet.

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Prime Minister on 'Scotland’s date with destiny'

The Prime Minister has written about Scottish independence a year off from the historic referendum:

In a year from now, people living in Scotland will be making a choice which could radically change their country for ever. Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands.

I hope passionately that Scotland decides to remain within our United Kingdom. What we have works, and it works well.

Ours is a unique union of nations. It’s a union of people too. And together we’ve achieved so much.

We are a family of nations within one United Kingdom. Now is not the time to reduce that relationship to one of second cousins, once removed.

– Prime Minister David Cameron

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