Your views: Police chief calls for 'drunk tanks'

A chief constable has called for special "drunk tanks" to look after intoxicated people instead of the NHS or police.

We asked our Facebook followers whether they agreed with the new "drunk tank" proposals, here is a selection of their comments.

Other countries have drunk tanks/hostels. If you are in such a state you cannot look after yourself and there are no friends to take you home, you are put there and have to pay in the morning. Think it's a great idea.

– Joanne Lord

It won't stop alcoholism, they won't be able to afford to pay - then they'll be taken to court and huge amounts of taxpayers money will be wasted to try and get the money back. Small repayments will be agreed - meanwhile the following weekend the drunk goes out again and gets into the same state - pointless exercise.

– Kaz Langley

Great idea, I have been working as club security for over 10 years and I know about other countries doing this. 1, It would free up police. 2, People will learn from being sent to the drunk tank and being fined. It's ok to have a good night out but not to the point of how some people get.

– Kirsty Williams


Private 'drunk tanks' proposed

Special "drunk tanks" should be used to look after intoxicated people who are incapable of looking after themselves, instead of police and NHS, a chief constable has said. Drunk people would be charged for the service when they had sobered up.