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'Shortage' of nurses on wards

Hundreds of hospitals do not have enough nurses to care for patients properly, according to analysis of staffing levels by The Times. Research found that 43 per cent of NHS wards have only one nurse for every eight patients.

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Your views: Nursing shortages in NHS wards

We asked subscribers on the ITV News Facebook page their thoughts on nursing shortages in NHS hospitals and what experiences of patient care they have had.

I've just been in and had a major operation and the nurses were run ragged doing everything from changing beds to looking after me but I still got 100% care. I was lucky I was on a ward with only four beds.

– Maxine Creedon Barrett

I was at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich last week and on the chemotherapy ward where they only had two staff, and were run ragged. The nursing staff work extremely hard and very long hours!

– Hayley Brown

There are times when you only have one staff nurse to look after a whole ward in hospital, with maybe only two other health care assistants!!!

– Tracy Carr Washenry

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