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8 arrests over £1.3m bank theft

Eight men have been arrested in connection with a £1.3 million theft by a gang who took control of a Barclays Bank branch computer system.

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  1. Laura Kuenssberg

Cyber security 'biggest threat' faced by banks

Recently a very senior official at the Bank of England said that four of our biggest banks had said to him privately that cyber security was the biggest threat that they faced now.

So, not another financial crisis, not the eurozone exploding, or any of those kinds of things, but cyber security was the biggest threat that they face.

It's clear the banks are trying to take this seriously, the police are also trying to take it seriously too, but as technology moves so quickly and gangs try to get round any kind of loophole, this is a really serious issue now.

It's important to say that neither in the Barclays case or the Santander case that any of us lose out on any cash but it's a growing risk and something that is having to be taken very seriously now.

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