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Labour 'bedroom tax' repeal vow

Ed Miliband has pledged that a future Labour government would scrap the controversial housing benefit change nicknamed the 'bedroom tax' by critics.

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Miliband: 'Bedroom tax a symbol of out of touch govt'

Ed Miliband is expected to call the housing benefit change nicknamed by critics as the 'bedroom tax' a "symbol of an out of touch, uncaring Tory government".

Speaking at the start of Labour's party conference in Brighton tomorrow, Mr Miliband is expected to say:

The bedroom tax – not what the Tories call the spare room subsidy – the bedroom tax: a symbol of an out of touch, uncaring Tory government that stands up for the privileged few – but never for you.

So we will scrap that tax. And what’s more I can tell you how.

We’ll scrap the bedroom tax by abolishing the shady schemes of tax loopholes for the privileged few which the Tories keep inventing.

Tax cuts for hedge funds, the billion pound black hole created with a scheme for workers to sell their rights for shares, and by tackling scams which cheat the taxpayer in construction.

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