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Labour 'bedroom tax' repeal vow

Ed Miliband has pledged that a future Labour government would scrap the controversial housing benefit change nicknamed the 'bedroom tax' by critics.

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What is the government's 'bedroom tax'?

Labour leader Ed Miliband will pledge to repeal the controversial housing benefit reform known as the spare room subsidy - or the 'bedroom tax' - if his party win the next General Election in 2015.

But what is the 'bedroom tax'?

  • Those living in social housing who are deemed to have a spare bedroom have been asked to downsize or they will face a cut in their benefits.
  • The 'bedroom tax' is believed to affect 660,000 tenants across the country.
  • The coalition have made this change in a bid to save money and help deal with the housing shortage by encouraging those in larger homes to downsize.

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