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Miliband quiet on borrowing

Ed Miliband has refused to be drawn on how his party would pay for measures to alleviate what he calls the "cost of living crisis". Labour has announced policies to force large firms to train more British apprentices and pay the minimum wage.

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Tories: Miliband wage plan is 'same old Labour policy'

Conservative chairman Grant Shapps has responded to Ed Miliband's claim that only Labour will fight for minimum wage earners amid a "crisis" in the cost of living.

Conservatives back the minimum wage. But if Ed Miliband was really on the side of hardworking people then he would have supported our welfare changes to ensure work always pays and should have voted in favour of halving the amount of income tax someone working full-time on the minimum wage pays.

Ed Miliband's policy is for more borrowing and more debt - the same old Labour policy that got us into a mess in the first place - and would mean higher taxes and higher bills for hardworking people.

– Tory chairman Grant Shapps

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