Ukip confirm MEP 'not affected' by loss of party whip

A Ukip spokesman has reportedly confirmed Godfrey Bloom is still party spokesman on defence and the economy despite being suspended from the party's group in the European Parliament for jokingly calling women "sluts" at a conference fringe event.

Channel 4 political correspondent Michael Crick, the TV journalist who Mr Bloom later hit with a copy of the conference brochure, tweeted:


Ukip spokesman confirms Bloom is still party spokesman on defence + economy + still party member. He admits losing Euro Parl whip is nothing


Ukip spokesman clarifies that Godfrey Bloom IS suspended from Ukip group in European Parliament, but that Ukip doesn't whip its MEPs

Watch: Godfrey Bloom hits Michael Crick with brochure


Bloom sits as independent MEP

Godfrey Bloom will sit as an independent MEP until next year's European election but has not quit Ukip. Mr Bloom was stripped of the party whip after offensive remarks he made about women at a party event and an altercation with a TV journalist.