Spin doctor confirms Miliband told Brown to sack him

In an exchange with the Daily Telegraph diarist Tim Walker on Twitter, former spin doctor Damian McBride confirmed Ed Miliband had told Gordon Brown to sack him:


@ed_miliband claims he told Gordon to sack @dpmcbride. I just can't see Ed having the guts. When will @officegsbrown confirm or deny this?


.@thattimwalker I can confirm that myself Tim. He complained about me and told Gordon to get rid. Quite right too.


.@thattimwalker I don't know what tone he used, Tim, but remember he did succeed in getting me removed from my press briefing job, Oct '08.


McBride was 'out of control'

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has accused Gordon Brown's former aide Damian McBride of being "out of control" following revelations in his memoirs of his time as a Downing Street spin doctor.