1. Debi Edward

Edinburgh Zoo closes panda enclosure

Tian Tian is said to be becomming more sensitive to noise Credit: Reuters/David Moir

Edinburgh Zoo has closed off their panda enclosures to the public as Tian Tian continues to keep them guessing about her condition.

The female giant panda is still showing signs of being pregnant and in recent days has become increasingly sensitive to noise, prompting keepers to take the decision to stop public viewings of her and male partner Yang Guang.

Despite this move the Zoo can still not confirm whether or not Tian Tian is pregnant. She’s been keeping everyone, even the experts, guessing for almost a month now but this week is likely to provide us with an answer as the normal panda birthing season has already closed.

Her keepers who have been on 24 hour red alert since August 26th will be more glad than anyone that the waiting game is coming to an end.

Male panda Yang Guang is also being kept from public display Credit: Reuters/David Moir