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Scientists closer to flu jab

Scientists are edging closer to a universal flu jab after analysing data collected during the last swine flu epidemic. Researchers at Imperial College London found those with more virus-killing immune cells in their blood avoided severe illness.

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Scientists found 'blueprint' for flu vaccine

Scientists have found a "blueprint" for a universal flu vaccine, according to the leader of a research project into influenza, said Professor Lalvan:

Our findings suggest that by making the body produce more of this specific type of CD8 T cell, you can protect people against symptomatic illness. This provides the blueprint for developing a universal flu vaccine.

We already know how to stimulate the immune system to make CD8 T cells by vaccination.

Now that we know these T cells may protect, we can design a vaccine to prevent people getting symptoms and transmitting infection to others.

This could curb seasonal flu annually and protect people against future pandemics.

– Professor Ajit Lalvani Imperial College London

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