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Police probe mall 'tunnel escape'

Police are investigating whether some of the Westgate Mall attackers were able to escape through an underground tunnel, sources have told ITV News.

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  1. John Irvine

Terrorists 'hold a lot of cards' in Kenya siege

Almost 48 hours after they stormed Nairobi's Westgate shopping mall and the terrorists from al-Shabab appear to be exactly where they planned to be.

People run out of Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi after terrorists started shooting. Credit: Reuters/Noor Khamis

And they could be there for a long time. They have apparently taken over a bank, which with its vault and bulletproof glass brings them an element of security and somewhere to keep their hostages.

They also have control of at least part of a large supermarket, meaning they have food and water.

The Kenyan government says the gang numbers between 10 to 15, which means there are probably enough of them to operate a shift system.

In terms of a siege situation they hold a lot of cards.

There has been occasional gunfire here throughout the morning. We have seen at least one injured Kenyan soldier emerge from the mall.

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