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20% of elderly feel 'isolated'

One in five elderly people feel isolated and alone because they have difficulty leaving the house, a charity for the elderly has revealed. The Royal Voluntary Service found 20% of elderly people only left their flat once or twice a week.

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Elderly 'isolated' by longer life and lack of community

Elderly people feel increasing "isolated" a charity for the geriatric had found. Credit: PA

The elderly are feeling more "isolated and alone" because we are all living longer and a lack of community spirit, research has found.

A survey carried out by a charity dedicated to the elderly found one in five of the over 75s only leave the house once or twice per week because they are scared to do so.

One in 20 are so afraid to venture outdoors they only leave their home less than once a week, the Royal Voluntary Service said.

At least 5% of over 75s have no face-to-face conversations in a typical day.

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