SSE boss proposes alternative 'solution' to energy bills

Alistair Phillips-Davies, chief executive of energy firm SSE, has written in response to Ed Miliband's open letter which urged suppliers to be "part of the solution not the problem."

He said:

I too have a solution, but mine allows businesses to function sustainably, investment to keep coming and to knock around £100 off energy bills.

In addition, it will generate savings for customers far sooner than 2015 and for far longer than 20 months - making a serious long term contribution to the cost of living.

He continued:

So here’s the alternative suggestion for Ed Miliband: why doesn’t Labour commit to removing the stealth taxes from customer bills?

This would go further than a simple price freeze. It would immediately cut customers’ bills by over £100, potentially rising to as much as £200 in the future.

It is the great unsaid in this debate that we are all paying for successive governments’ environmental and social policies through our bills.

And that is everyone, rich and poor, regardless of their ability to pay.