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Shocking footage of the medical front line in rebel-held Homs

A Syrian doctor has sent an extraordinary video diary to ITV News revealing his daily battle to save lives in a makeshift hospital in Homs. He says the sick are dying "not due to medical treatment but from malnutrition and unhealed wounds."

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Makeshift Homs hospital forced to use dirty water

The make-shift medical centre functioning in the shattered streets of the Old City.

A Syrian doctor told ITV News that his makeshift medical centre in Homs is forced to use out-of-date medicine and an operating theatre without fresh, clean water.

Dr Mosab wrote: "We have to drink from polluted wells and wash in the sewage water. We eat leaves and rotten rice

Dr Mosab explained that most of the medicine used at the make-shift hospital is out-of-date.

"Sick people here do not die due to medical treatment, but because of hunger and severe malnutrition, unhealed wounds, severe lack of food and absence of basic human necessities."

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