Man hit in head with pickaxe takes bus to hospital

A man who accidentally hit himself in the head with a pickaxe took the bus to hospital after being told an ambulance was not necessary, the Yorkshire Evening Post reported.

Sheldon Mpofu, from Leeds, was in his garden when he swung the pickaxe and it hit a washing line, recoiled and hit him in the head, entering his skull.

The man said everyone told him how lucky he had been. Credit: REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

Mr Mpofu called the non-emergency 111 number and was advised to go to hospital within an hour - so he took the bus.

Doctors did not realise how serious his injury was until an X-ray showed the pickaxe had been just millimetres from his brain.

Mr Mpofu told the newspaper, “The doctor said, ‘Do you realise how lucky you are?’ Everyone was telling me I’d been so lucky.”