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Shocking footage of the medical front line in rebel-held Homs

A Syrian doctor has sent an extraordinary video diary to ITV News revealing his daily battle to save lives in a makeshift hospital in Homs. He says the sick are dying "not due to medical treatment but from malnutrition and unhealed wounds."

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Syrians are in 'chronic need' of medical help

A human rights organisation warned that Syrians are in "chronic need" of medical help after ITV News obtained a video from a makeshift hospital in Homs.

The footage exposed how doctors are forced to use out-of-date medicines and operating theatres without fresh, clean water.

The film is another reminder of why we need to see the UN Security Council demanding that the Syrian government and armed opposition groups allow humanitarian agencies unfettered access to assist the civilian population.

This must include the Syrian government granting cross border access immediately.

In some parts of Syria these kinds of desperately ill-equipped medical centres are all that’s left to provide any kind of medical care.

People are in chronic need and the medicines are running out.

Before more people die totally needless deaths, we need to see doctors, medicines and other humanitarian assistance getting into areas where they’re most needed.

– Amnesty International UK Syria campaign manager Kristyan Benedict

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