1. Lawrence McGinty

Temperatures 'up and down like a yo-yo since 1880'

Since 1880 temperatures have gone up and down like a yo-yo.

In the last 15 years the temperature has gone down, but that has happened before: the IPCC says it's part of natural variability and it won't continue.

Since 1880 the temperature has gone up and down 'like a yo-yo'. Credit: ITV News

I think it's ironic that at the time when scientists say they are at their most confident what they're saying is correct, climate change is slipping down the political agenda.

Part of the reason for that is people are now more concerned about how big their electricity bills are than where that electricity comes from.

This graph shows how temperatures have risen and fallen since 1940 - in the red is warming in the blue is cooling. Credit: ITV News