Plans to raise speed limit to 80mph 'to be revisited'

Shelved plans to raise the motorway speed limit to 80mph will need to be revisited, a transport minister said as he declined to say whether he ever broke the current law to drive at that speed.

An 80mph top speed limit is likely to be popular with drivers, polls suggest Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Stephen Hammond said ministers were split on the move - which was unveiled with a fanfare by Philip Hammond in 2011 but then axed from the agenda by his successors.

Polling suggests a 10mph increase in the maximum allowed on the network would be extremely popular among motorists - and the transport minister recognised "a lot" already drove at the higher speed.

But campaigners say it would lead to another 25 deaths and 100 serious injuries on the roads each year and cost society an extra £1 billion in fuel, health and other costs.

Mr Hammond said in a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference "at some stage we will want to come back and look at it".