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Osborne's budget surplus pledge

The Chancellor has raised the possibility of tax cuts by vowing to keep cutting public spending to create a budget surplus in the next parliament. He also announced the long-term unemployed face earning their benefits through unpaid community work.

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New poll backs Miliband over Cameron on cost of living

Cameron pictured with Miliband before the Queen's speech to Parliament in May. Credit: PA

People believe their families would be better off under Labour but back the Conservatives to keep the economy growing, a new poll suggests.

Ed Miliband spoke last week of his plans to reduce the cost of living, including proposals for a Labour government to freeze gas and electricity prices for homes and businesses for 20 months after the 2015 general election.

The ComRes survey for the Independent found people believe the cost of living is likely to be lower under Labour than the Tories; 41% think their family will be better off under Mr Miliband's party compared to 31% who back the Conservatives.

But it also showed Labour has dropped from six points to four despite the Opposition revealing manifesto pledges at its party conference in Brighton.

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