1. Lawrence McGinty

Complicated process brings hope to infertile women

It is a fairly amazing process, and so far has been 100% successful in producing one child in Japan so there is one very satisfied customer.

Some women stop producing eggs early on, like the patient in Japan, but now it seems that these follicles can bereawakened.

The process is quite complicated - they remove some of the ovary through keyhole surgery, they then cut it into tiny little bits because there is a natural mechanism in the ovaries that stops them producing too many eggs at once.

By cutting it up you overcome that mechanism, they also give it a drug which switched off a mechanism which stops the follicles developing into eggs.

They then put them back into the woman, give her hormonal treatment to mature them and then take them out and use a conventional IVF treatment to produce a baby.

It is very early days yet, as the researchers admit, but it looks like it could be promising for some women.