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45% 'don't often check breasts'

Almost half of women do not regularly check their breasts for possible cancerous tumours, a poll by charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer suggests.

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'Early diagnosis saves lives' says health campaigner

Early diagnosis of breast cancer is the "key to saving lives" of those battling the disease, said leading health campaigner.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer's head of public health, Eluned Hughes, was speaking as part of a campaign to get women to check their breasts regularly.

It's shocking that despite being the most common cancer in the UK, nearly half of British women do not check their breasts regularly, and nearly all of them still cannot think of five common signs and symptoms of breast cancer without prompting...

What's interesting - and encouraging - is that three quarters of our survey respondents could pick out five signs and symptoms when presented with a list; if every woman in the UK had one of our free TLC guides in their handbag, just imagine what a difference this would make to breast awareness.

– Breakthrough Breast Cancer's head of public health Eluned Hughes

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