Peru drug pair 'in great form' inside better prison

Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid are in brilliant health in a modern well-equipped prison, an Irish priest said. Last week the pair pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle cocaine out of the country.

Father Foley visited the pair last Saturday and said he found them "in great form," despite his continued belief that they are victims of drug gangs, and forced into smuggling. He said:

They weren't in a cell. They were out in a wide open space sitting at a table with a parasol, they were talking and drinking coffee.

As well as that they had telephone communication and they could use it for calling home. I thought they were in great form actually.

My firm belief is that they were conned, they were backed into a compromising situation and their handlers worked on that and got them to go to customs with drugs.

What very likely happened was that people coming behind them in the queue in the airport were the ones who walked through with the drugs.