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'69% of young' cyberbullied

At least 69% of young people have been cyberbullied, and 20% of those have felt the bullying had been "very extreme", a survey has found. Anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label found Facebook to be the website where the most bullying took place.

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'More investment' needed to prevent cyberbullying

An anti-bullying charity has called on social media sites to do more to prevent cyberbullying, which they claim is "much worse" than originally thought.

Research by Ditch the Label found 69% of young people had experienced cyberbullying at some point and called on social networks to put "more investment" into "the resources of moderation".

The charity also called on the Government to work closer with social networking sites.

Social media outlets have a massive duty of care to teen users. They are already doing a lot but more investment needs to be put into the resources of moderation.

There also needs to be stronger integration between the Government and social networks.

What we believe social networks should have to do is produce an annual external audit which would measure cyberbullying activity on a network, how many people are reporting cyberbullying and what happened as a result, and we believe that those reports should be made public.

– Founder of Ditch the Label Liam Hackett

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