Obama 'exasperated' over government 'shutdown'

CNBC's John Harwood speaks with President Barack Obama on the government shutdown Credit: CNBC

Barack Obama has admitted he is "exasperated" with the US government services 'shutdown' and warned that Wall Street could be in trouble.

In a interview with CNBC, the president directed his frustrations towards the Republican politicians, saying their hostility to "civil" negotiation threatens not only the functioning of government, but the wider health of the economy.

"I am exasperated with the idea that unless I say that 20 million people, 'you can't have health insurance, they will not reopen the government.' That is irresponsible", he said.

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The president also warned that Wall Street needs to be genuinely worried about the stalemate in Washington.

"It is important for [Wall Street] to recognize that this is going to have a profound impact on our economy and their bottom lines, their employees and their shareholders," Obama said