Capitol Hill car chase: 9pm latest

As details emerge of an incident in Washington here is a look back at what is known so far:

  • A female driver is reported to have attempted to ram the security gates at the White House
  • The car was then pursued by police and security officers to Capitol Hill
  • A police car which attempted to block the path of the car was hit and an officer was injured
  • Shots were fired, however it is unknown at this time who opened fire
  • Police say a child was inside the car, they are believed to be uninjured but has been taken to hospital as a precaution
  • Police have a suspect in custody, however their condition is unknown and it is not clear if the suspect is the female driver
  • There have been multiple US media reports the female driver has died, however this has not been independently verified by ITV News


Family question why driver shot

The family of Miriam Carey, the 34-year-old woman shot dead following a dramatic car chase through the streets of Washington that caused a lockdown on Capitol Hill, have said they do not understand why she was shot, when she was unarmed.