Toddler had 37 separate injuries when he died

Two-year-old Keanu Williams, who was beaten to death by his mother, had 37 separate injuries, including extensive bruising to his head, stomach, back and legs, when he died.

A police image illustrating some of the injuries on Keanu Williams. Credit: West Midlands Police/PA Wire

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The toddler also had a fractured skull and a fist-sized tear on his stomach when he was found dead in January 2011.

The detective in charge of the investigation said it was the "worst" child abuse case she had ever seen.

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1,400 at risk children 'not safe'

Birmingham City Council has admitted the safety of 1,400 at risk children cannot be guaranteed. The revelation came after a review found a collective failure by agencies to prevent the death of Keanu Williams, two, at the hands of his mother.