Daily Mail City editor applauds paper's 'ethical roots'

The Daily Mail's City editor Alex Brummer said he was glad Mr Miliband did not find the Daily Mail profile of his dead father anti-Semitic, whilst insisting the paper had "good ethical roots" at its core. He told BBC Radio Five Live:

I was very pleased to hear him say that he didn't think that there was any anti-Semitism involved in the article about his father, because if you read that article, it was really about trying to trace Ed Miliband's political roots - where they come from, where his ideas come from.

Defending his paper, he said the have tried to act "very, very quickly" and insisted that the incident was "the exception rather than the rule."

We're extraordinarily careful. That's a practice which goes to the core of the paper, and I do think there are some good ethical roots in the paper and this is the exception rather than the rule.