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Kenya soldiers 'looted mall'

Kenyan soldiers have been criticised after CCTV footage emerged that reportedly shows some taking part in looting Westgate Mall in Niarobi, during their three day assault against militants inside the complex.

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'Virtually all shops' inside Westgate Mall 'looted'

CCTV footage from the Westgate Mall attacks reportedly shows soldiers going on a drunken looting spree throughout the complex.

The Kenyan Star, which saw the video, said virtually all of the shops in the mall were looted during the three day battle between soldiers and militants.

Read: CCTV footage 'shows soldiers looting Westgate Mall'

Jewellery, watch and mobile shops were emptied, whilst ATMs, banks and a casino all lost money.

The video reportedly shows empty bottles of alcohol strewn across the floors and cafes, as well as soldiers attempting to cover security cameras.

The official death toll for the attack remained at 61 civilians including six Britons, six soldiers and five attackers, although other bodies have been recovered from the rubble in the last few days.

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