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Lampedusa death toll rises

Authorities say a further 38 bodies have been recovered following the Lampedusa boat tragedy, taking the death toll to 232. A boat carrying migrants sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa last week.

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Lampedusa holds vigil for migrant boat vicitms

Residents of Lampedusa are mourning the death of migrant boat victims Credit: AP

Residents of Lampedusa held a candlelit vigil on Friday night in memory of more than 110 African migrants who died when their boat caught fire and capsized off the coast of the small Italian island.

Some mourners held up a Somali flag. Credit: AP

Bad weather has hampered the search for missing bodies. In one of the worst disasters of Europe's immigration crisis, the death toll from the shipwreck is thought to be over 300.

The boat's passengers were mostly migrants from Eritrea and Somalia.

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