Cameron worries about Samantha being in spotlight

Speaking to Tom Bradby on the Agenda David Cameron has said he worries about the scrutiny he exposes his family too in his political life.

The Prime Minister said: "Yes it does worry you...some politicians say 'my family life will be entirely private'. If that's your decision that's absolutely fine.

"I think people want to know a bit about you and what makes you tick and I have talked about my family and Samantha and I do things together but you know as soon as you do that you're opening them up to greater scrutiny.

David Cameron joins Tom Bradby on the Agenda. Credit: ITV

"The scrutiny has got to be fair. I had an episode where the Mirror went through my dustbins to prove I wasn't a 'good green dad' because I wasn't using recyclable nappies. To me I just think that's totally over the top going through dustbins."

Mr Cameron also lent his support to Ed Miliband in the wake of the Mail's attack on the Labour leader's father Ralph Miliband: "If someone attacked my Dad, I'd be straight out there. What was wrong was the headline, he clearly didn't hate Britain. Ed was right to come out..."