New father's death not being treated as murder

The death of a new father who was out celebrating the birth of his son when he was fatally injured is not being treated as murder, Cleveland Police said.

Detective Superintendent Rob Donaghy told a press conference that a post-mortem examination of Benji Bolsenbroek proved inconclusive and further tests will be needed.

Benji Bolsenbroek pictured smiling.
Benji Bolsenbroek was 23 years old when he died while out celebrating his son's birth. Credit: Cleveland Police Handout

He told reporters that CCTV images of the "large-scale fight" inside a pub were clear and that police expect to make arrests soon.

"Benji's death is being treated as unexplained," the Cleveland Police officer said. "This is a complex inquiry with many strands to it. I'm aware there is a lot of speculation and rumour."

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Man died celebrating son's birth

Police are investigating the death of a 23-year-old man who died while celebrating the birth of his son in Middlesbrough. Officers are treating Benji Bolsenbroek's death as suspicious.