Redknapp conned by pub potwasher for three years

Harry Redknapp said the conman switched his allegiance to QPR when the manager made the move across London. Credit: PA

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has revealed he was conned into paying for three years of dinner, match tickets and travel expenses by a man who claimed to be a jockey.

In a section of his autobiography serialised in the Daily Mail, Redknapp describes how a man who said he was top young jockey Lee Topliss turned out to be a pub potwasher with a way with words.

The 66-year-old said he felt sorry for the prankster, whose racing tips turned out "more losers than winners", and ended up buying him dinner and taking him along to directors' boxes at matches.

The "little Irish rogue" was found out when Redknapp's agent friend met the real Lee Topliss at a race.

"I’m told he was working the same racket with Liverpool’s Glen Johnson, plus a couple of football agents and other managers," Redknapp adds.