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Activists 'treated inhumanely'

Greenpeace activists being held in a Russian jail are suffering "inhuman treatment" says a lawyer for one of the British suspects. 30 people were charged with piracy after they approached an Arctic oil rig on a ship to protest against drilling.

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Court rejects bail appeal over Greenpeace activists

The Regional Court of Murmansk, Russia has rejected an application made by lawyers for two Greenpeace International activists and a freelance photographer to be released on bail.

A further 27 cases requesting bail will be heard later this week.

Freelance videographer Kieron Bryan. Credit: Nick Cobbing/Greenpeace/PA Wire

Some 28 Greenpeace International activists, a freelance photographer and a freelance videographer were seized by Russian special forces on the ship Arctic Sunrise in international waters 19 days ago.

Their arrests followed a protest at the Gazprom Arctic oil platform Prirazlomnaya.

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